Nominated for Best political ad
in the 2016 Chip Shop Awards
Metropolis poster
Ted Baker
Student project – Introduce Ted Baker to a country of your choice. 
When opening a new location in another country, it’s not easy for a brand like Ted to translate its unique cultural flavour. It’s your job to bring its British sense of humour and unique approach to fashion to another country – which country is up to you. Your campaign will need to activate potential shoppers to visit Ted Baker stores and Ted Baker online; interact with the brand; and most importantly, to shop and share.
London Grand Prix
Student project – Create an identity and promotional materials for the new F1 London Grand Prix.
After the success of the 2012 Olympics, London has proved it can be host to events on a global scale. The latest event to come to the city is Formula 1 with a street race around some of the cities greatest and most famous landmarks. For 4 days, the streets of London will come to life with the roar of engines as some of the fastest vehicles on the planet take charge of the streets.
12 Bars of Christmas
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