Brian Cannon

A few months ago, our course was lucky enough to get a talk from Brian Cannon. My favourite anecdote was one recently posted on the Computer Arts website.

How did you come to work with Oasis?
I took my mother to Rome for her 60th birthday. Whilst there, I bought a pair of Adidas squash trainers – not that I’ve ever played squash – which you couldn’t get in England. Later, I was in the lift in the building in Manchester where I had my office, and this guy got in. The first thing he said to me was, “Where the fuck did you get them trainers?” That was how I met Noel Gallagher. We got chatting and I told him about the work I’d done for The Verve. As the lift door opened he went, “Right, I’m in a band; we’re going to get signed soon. I want you to do the artwork.” – [CA]

I need some new trainers.

“Stop being who you want to be and be who you are.”

The first Manchester D&AD lecture (just for Manchester) was last night and I was lucky enough to attend the captivating talk from Greg Quinton, Creative Partner, The Partners. The talk, entitled ‘A String of Pearls’ was an interesting insight into how the company works, what they believe and what they have done. The ‘string of pearls’ consisted of 10 points:

No1. Have a totally unreachable goal
No2. Keep it simple
No3. Less (strategy) is more
No4. Don’t be cool
No5. Fail
No6. Make a difference
No7. Love good clients
No8. Work damn hard
No9. Change
No10. Create the future

It creates an interesting ist of guides to design even without going into the details which I think only Greg could do justice given a pint and an hour and a half. There were a slew of soundbites that could be taken from the talk but my favourite would probably be ‘The packaging is fine but – we want to do more than that’. I think that completely sums up The Partners. They don’t just settle for good, it needs to be perfect.

This was the first in a series of D&AD North lectures, the next being ‘Two World Collide’ – 05/11 (more information to come)