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UCLAN Graphic Design Degree show comes to Manchester on Friday 5th July at 2022NQ.

Design by Gary Whitworth

scenes of a graphic nature poster

scenes of a graphic nature poster

scenes of a graphic nature details

For the D&AD Student Awards 2013 Ted Baker Brief, Gary Whitworth & I chose to take Ted Baker to Italy.

We decided to take Ted Baker over to Italy by bringing together the country’s rich heritage of art and Ted Baker’s humour and styling to engage potential consumers.

The concept revolves around creating a Ted Baker Renaissance. With the idea of placing contemporary English clothing in classic Italian art and the humorous juxtaposition with which it creates.

The project is to be exhibited at New Blood from 2nd – 4th June.

01A AdSONY DSC01C AdTed Baker

For the full project, head over to the project page on my website

Friday 14th June was the private view for the Preston Degree Show. After days, weeks and months of preparation, the night finally came. It was a great turnout and a great night, I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves. The show was up for a week before being taken down and prepared for D&AD New Blood (2nd-4th July) & our Manchester show at 2022NQ (5th july).

Here are some snaps of the night.


Andreas looking slick

Gary talking about his work

Gary Whitworths Work
A selection of work from Gary Whitworth

Monday Night Film Club
Some of the posters from Monday Night Film Club. Mine can be found fully here

Michael Kirkpatrick
A selection of work from Michael Kirkpatrick

Ric Bixter
One of my boards at the show and a part of my F1 project, more can be seen here

Jess Kumah
A Selection of work from Jessica Kumah

Francesca De Giorgio
A Selection of work from Francesca De Giorgio

Aftershow Party
The Aftershow Party in full swing.

Future Fables is an exhibition by BA Hons Textiles students in PR1 Gallery at UCLAN. I was briefed with creating an invite and gallery banner using the theme of Future & Past. To answer the brief, I created an image depicting a slum and a futuristic cityscape.



05A Poster

This is part of mine & Gary Whitworths D&AD Ted Baker Student Awards entry.
Look out for the full project after the D&AD Student Awards 2013 are announced.

A fantastic collection of Cuban film posters from the past 50 or so years put together by The Danish Film Institute. I have picked a few favourites but check out the full flickr page as every poster is worth a look [link].

This will certainly be added to my research into film posters for my Honors project at university.

3459021820_49bcd5ed59_o 3459019488_ece588f1b7_o 3459018510_ce837b27b4_o 3458207021_947e3fca50_o 3458206957_0419134779_o 3458206303_4b8c8fe589_o 3459019790_823649675d_o   3459020210_6eef109085_o 3459019636_34f381a73d_o 3458206601_4ca32b5ea4_o 3458206525_3903ac2039_o 3458205271_13e90360c2_o  3458205731_7bebbe291a_o3458204259_780f76eaae_o 3459020556_592202a7b7_o3458204825_473fa260aa_o 3458205935_f8feca6fa1_o

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To promote the christmas jumper party for our design school, Andreas and I went about rounding up the tutors of various courses, putting them in christmas jumpers and photographing them. Andreas then tied it all together with some copy and we posted as many as possible around the building.

To lift the Christmas spirit and to strengthen the bond between the different creative departments in the Victoria building, we are inviting everyone to a Christmas jumper get together. But in order to make it relevant to all the students outside the graphic design course, we are just about to launch a poster campaign, featuring tutors from all the different departments dressed in Christmas jumpers.

The aim is to fit at least a hundred students and tutors in the close by pub, having a drink and a laugh together. Hopefully this will help us get to know other students from other departments better leading to more collaboration. Creativity is not a lonely journey.


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The Students

A successful and conversation starting project. The night itself was a great way to see off the year with a fantastic turn out.

The Bittersuite

F1 Research WallFinal year is here. In the run up to Christmas, we have to complete a 1 module project (also known as our Personal Project). It doesn’t have to be about ourselves but we can completely chose what it is about. I am currently researching F1 and the proposed London Grand Prix (read more about that here). To start, I have been looking at f1 identity styles through the years and stumbled upon a vast database of race day programmes. Here are a few of my favourite.

Mixed programmesSpa programmesNurburgring ProgrammesMonaco Programmes

When there are so many restrictions in place against advertising something, it can start working in your favour. Paddy power chose to talk about a different London with the poster above. Nike chose to celebrate sport in Londons’ around the world with their viral campaign.

Specifically not mentioning it can help Anyone wearing Nike trainers, drinking Pepsi and paying with a Mastercard gets special discount at Odbins, who have launched an ad campaign ‘not mentioning it’.

Another way of getting round the rules is to just get it all wrong…

All of this is ‘brand protection’ and to ‘protect official sponsors’. For example, the only chips allowed to be served at the Olympics are McDonalds own [1]. In terms of beer, Heineken is the only branded beer to be served [2]. All of this has spawned a running article on The Drum called The Fauxlympics [definitely worth a full look – 1,2, 3, 4, 5], where people are invited to send in fake olympic related adverts using the appropriate brand. Here are some of my favourites: