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For the D&AD Student Awards 2013 Ted Baker Brief, Gary Whitworth & I chose to take Ted Baker to Italy.

We decided to take Ted Baker over to Italy by bringing together the country’s rich heritage of art and Ted Baker’s humour and styling to engage potential consumers.

The concept revolves around creating a Ted Baker Renaissance. With the idea of placing contemporary English clothing in classic Italian art and the humorous juxtaposition with which it creates.

The project is to be exhibited at New Blood from 2nd – 4th June.

01A AdSONY DSC01C AdTed Baker

For the full project, head over to the project page on my website


To promote the christmas jumper party for our design school, Andreas and I went about rounding up the tutors of various courses, putting them in christmas jumpers and photographing them. Andreas then tied it all together with some copy and we posted as many as possible around the building.

To lift the Christmas spirit and to strengthen the bond between the different creative departments in the Victoria building, we are inviting everyone to a Christmas jumper get together. But in order to make it relevant to all the students outside the graphic design course, we are just about to launch a poster campaign, featuring tutors from all the different departments dressed in Christmas jumpers.

The aim is to fit at least a hundred students and tutors in the close by pub, having a drink and a laugh together. Hopefully this will help us get to know other students from other departments better leading to more collaboration. Creativity is not a lonely journey.


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The Students

A successful and conversation starting project. The night itself was a great way to see off the year with a fantastic turn out.

The Bittersuite


A bus stop in Liverpool.

Today (Friday 4th May 2012) is my last day on placement at Uniform and the last of my planned placements so far(although I may try and fit in a couple more before I go back to uni) A full post about the last few months will be posted at some point, but for now, here is a photo a wall in the offices of Uniform.

Caroline’s double exposure approach offers the viewer two levels on which to examine the photograph. There’s the conundrum of trying to separate the two figures and finding a way to see both faces, plus there’s the deeper exploration of their personalities. Of course, a photograph can’t really capture much more than shape and form, but the choice of clothes, hair styles and even expression all create reactions within the viewer.

[By Caroline Briggs]

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General Store

Reminds me of the Eggs for sale & Flying lessons section from the art of looking sideways.

While this is one of my favourite signs on my way into Liverpool city centre, it still isn’t quite as good as Sunbeds & English lessons.

Sunbeds English lessons

I found a Russian blog with a series of behind the scenes pictures from films. I have picked some of my favourites.
(Click the images to see them in full)

Star Wars

The Dark Knight





Alien (Giger on set)


The Birds

Pan’s Labyrinth

[source & more images]


Busy getting some work done for a presentation tomorrow an this is the view out of the window.

Whilst sifting through a ton of old victorian style photos, I found this gem. It looks like something horror films are based on.