Christmas Jumpers


To promote the christmas jumper party for our design school, Andreas and I went about rounding up the tutors of various courses, putting them in christmas jumpers and photographing them. Andreas then tied it all together with some copy and we posted as many as possible around the building.

To lift the Christmas spirit and to strengthen the bond between the different creative departments in the Victoria building, we are inviting everyone to a Christmas jumper get together. But in order to make it relevant to all the students outside the graphic design course, we are just about to launch a poster campaign, featuring tutors from all the different departments dressed in Christmas jumpers.

The aim is to fit at least a hundred students and tutors in the close by pub, having a drink and a laugh together. Hopefully this will help us get to know other students from other departments better leading to more collaboration. Creativity is not a lonely journey.


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The Students

A successful and conversation starting project. The night itself was a great way to see off the year with a fantastic turn out.

The Bittersuite

78 Awards


The first part of the D&AD student award wall is finished. Wednesday 16th November is when D&AD comes to Preston for a day of design events. For this day we have put up two 2 metre banners up along the Graphic Design studios. Spanning 10 years there are a total of 78 awards on display. Eventually this will become a permanent feature in the university with all of the D&AD student awards that UCLAN has won.

Student Awards 2001-2011

D&AD Student Award Certificates

D&AD Award Certificates

I have recently started a project to do with UCLAN and the D&AD Student awards. In the last 10 years, UCLAN has racked up more than 80 D&AD certificates (with almost 60 of them being in Graphic Design) ranging from ‘In Book’, ‘Commendation’, ‘Second Prize’, ‘First Prize’ and ‘Best in Show’. I am currently creating a series of posters to be displayed around the School of Art, Design and Performance. Once this part of the project is completed it is hoped it can be expended to all the awards UCLAN has won (since the  80s).