Preston City Centre Guide Development

This year I have been working on a A3 map & guide for Preston City Centre with
Pete Thompson and Preston City Council. It is to be available for free around the
city to be used as a guide on how to get around and see what Preston has to offer.
This post is a guide through the development of the project. The full project can
be seen here.

Research & Reference
Preston Map 1
Preston City Centre Map – Previous (A5)

Preston map 2 - Guild Wheel
Guild Wheel Map – Bicycle route of Preston (A2 approx)

Preston map 3 - illustrated
Illustrated Preston City Centre Map (A3 approx)

Bristol Map
Bristol City Map (A3) [link]

Newcastle Map
Newcastle Map (426mm x 426mm) [link]

NYC Wayfinding 1NYC Wayfinding 2NYC Wayfinding 3 - Paper map
Pentagram NYC Wayfinding [link]

Initial map work animation

Development of the first version of the map where the initial groundwork was done for
the transport system and natural environments. While being as accurate as possible,
it was important for this map to be clear and simple so some roads have been slightly
simplified and not all roads have been included as they are not necessary for this map.

This video shows the development of the map from start to finish.

Project Extension

Based from the finished map that was produced, Preston Council along with fwdesign have produced a detailed version for a way-finding system. It essentially zooms into the initial design, adding extra detail which is necessary for way-finding signage. The system will be implemented into the redevelopment of Preston City Centre from August 2014. Picture to come…

To see the full project, please click here.

Ted Baker – Italy

For the D&AD Student Awards 2013 Ted Baker Brief, Gary Whitworth & I chose to take Ted Baker to Italy.

We decided to take Ted Baker over to Italy by bringing together the country’s rich heritage of art and Ted Baker’s humour and styling to engage potential consumers.

The concept revolves around creating a Ted Baker Renaissance. With the idea of placing contemporary English clothing in classic Italian art and the humorous juxtaposition with which it creates.

The project is to be exhibited at New Blood from 2nd – 4th June.

01A AdSONY DSC01C AdTed Baker

For the full project, head over to the project page on my website

Preston Graphic Design Degree Show

Friday 14th June was the private view for the Preston Degree Show. After days, weeks and months of preparation, the night finally came. It was a great turnout and a great night, I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves. The show was up for a week before being taken down and prepared for D&AD New Blood (2nd-4th July) & our Manchester show at 2022NQ (5th july).

Here are some snaps of the night.


Andreas looking slick

Gary talking about his work

Gary Whitworths Work
A selection of work from Gary Whitworth

Monday Night Film Club
Some of the posters from Monday Night Film Club. Mine can be found fully here

Michael Kirkpatrick
A selection of work from Michael Kirkpatrick

Ric Bixter
One of my boards at the show and a part of my F1 project, more can be seen here

Jess Kumah
A Selection of work from Jessica Kumah

Francesca De Giorgio
A Selection of work from Francesca De Giorgio

Aftershow Party
The Aftershow Party in full swing.

Future Fables

Future Fables is an exhibition by BA Hons Textiles students in PR1 Gallery at UCLAN. I was briefed with creating an invite and gallery banner using the theme of Future & Past. To answer the brief, I created an image depicting a slum and a futuristic cityscape.