Laughing Stock

“As far back as 1840, OXO has been known to brighten spirits as well as aid strength and promote good health, even being sold in chemists and given to troops in World War I to boost moral. It seems however that these traditional uses for OXO have long been forgotten.

Through an alternative range of stock cubes I hope to revive OXO’s medicinal purposes and help raise a smile at the dinner table.

My overall solution is a ‘pun’ in itself, with each variety of stock cube featuring a particular genre of comedy; Slapstick, Surreal, Satire & Dark Humour.Contained within each box and printed on the foil are the faces of 12 comedians specific to those styles of comedy.

The copywriting on each box reflects the tone of voice specific to that genre of comedy giving a humorous twist on the traditional packaging format.”

A super solution by Stuart Mitchell which was just commended by The Roses Student Awards.

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