Liverpool Design Festival

Friday 7th October (11am-7pm) was the day where design agencies from Liverpool opened their doors to anyone who wanted a look round. Lizzie and I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to get a look inside some agencies. Out of the 10 that were open, we managed to get to 8 of them. Starting at 11am we made our way to Error Creative and had a good chat to the guys. On to a basement which housesNonConform where we managed to persuade one of them to have a look at our portfolios before they popped out on a Kebab run.

Lizzie showing her portfolio

Next was Mercy where they run an placement scheme where the interns basically run their own company. They get their own work in, have their own mini studio, their own name and their own style. It’s an unusual way of doing placements but one that sounds very appealing. After a good chat with them we moved on to Uniform where they had the most modern and open plan studio out of all of them. Once again, we managed to rob ten minutes and got some good, honest feedback.

After a beer & burger it was time to get back to visiting places. Next was PH.Creative who, even though they are a primarily digital agency, still offered us a lot of useful information about our work. After a walk up some very wobbly spiral stairs, Black & Ginger it was a really relaxed atmosphere with cocktails being provided by a local bar; one of their previous clients. Free stuff was also available with a tote bag designed for the occasion full of interesting things. We also bumped into a fourth year from UCLAN and had a good chat about the day.

Black & Ginger - Cocktails and Red Tote bag

Pushing 6pm we moved on to Bolland & Lowe where they had the most impressive selection of food and a really interesting studio full of illustrations.

After a good long chat, we didn’t have long to get to our last planned agency and as it was a bit further out of the city in the Novas Centre we arrived there just after 7. Smiling Wolf had a great studio where work and play seemed to run side by side. After a beer and a chat, they also had a freebie in the form of a limited edition poster celebrating their tenth birthday.

Finally getting back at around 8/9pm it was a long but very productive day. When it happens again, it won’t be something to miss.

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