Brian Cannon

A few months ago, our course was lucky enough to get a talk from Brian Cannon. My favourite anecdote was one recently posted on the Computer Arts website.

How did you come to work with Oasis?
I took my mother to Rome for her 60th birthday. Whilst there, I bought a pair of Adidas squash trainers – not that I’ve ever played squash – which you couldn’t get in England. Later, I was in the lift in the building in Manchester where I had my office, and this guy got in. The first thing he said to me was, “Where the fuck did you get them trainers?” That was how I met Noel Gallagher. We got chatting and I told him about the work I’d done for The Verve. As the lift door opened he went, “Right, I’m in a band; we’re going to get signed soon. I want you to do the artwork.” – [CA]

I need some new trainers.

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