Top 20 films Poster

Top 20 Films Poster

Top 20 Films Poster

My top 20 films compiled into one poster.

Films (in no order):

Shaun of the Dead
The Italian Job
A Bridge Too Far
2001: A Space Odyssey
Longest Day
The Dark Knight
Inglourious Basterds
The Social Network
The Hurt Locker
Reservoir Dogs
Ocean’s Eleven
Full Metal Jacket
Sin City
The Science of Sleep
Fight Club

My Ideal Film

Title: Heat of the Fight
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Actors: Brad Pitt, Sean Connery, Michael Caine
Genre: War/Drama
Run Time: 131 mins
Year: 1994

Using my top 20 favourite films I created this – My ideal film.
The genre was picked by most common genres in my top 20. Actors were picked using most common actors. The style takes inspiration from posters from 1994 (the average year out of my top 20). Title was just a mix of some of the films. Run time is the average run time of my top 20 favourite films and the director is my favourite director. Wish this was a real film!