5 Amazing Adverts

5 of the 10 videos from TED’s advert contest. The brief was to create an advert people would want to share with their friends. Apparently I find these five the videos that best suit the brief but do check out the others as they are pretty good.

“Batelco, illustrates the stream of consciousness of a boy.”

“Areas of the UK, France, Brazil and India get a fresh coat of paint in this high-speed video.”

“A man moves into a shack, creates a home and turns his neighbors into friends in this 9-minute film.” (You will not notice it is 9 mins long)

“Dramatic animated video explores the potential future for a girl at the age of 12 who lives in poverty vs. who does not.”

“This video outlines the successful treatment of HIV/AIDS virus with anti-retroviral (ARV) medication by telling the story in reverse.”

[Found on Mashable]

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